Patio Furniture Covers – Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture Investment

November 8, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Patio furniture covers are a must if you have recently purchased outdoor furniture. During the times that you are not using your furniture, the covers help ensure that the furniture stays protected.

For some reason many people think that patio furniture covers are plastic and look rather shoddy on their back porch or patio. Therefore, a number of companies are now offering modern and stylish looks to appear in better taste.

Just as previously stated in this article, patio furniture covers are made to ensure the safety of your outdoor furniture. This will help make the life of your outdoor furniture last longer, but it will all come down to what kind of climate you live in that decides what kind of covers you need.

Let us use a person living in a colder climate for example. They will have to have patio furniture covers that are very different from the ones people in hotter or more humid climates will have.

In an area where a person will get regular snow, ice, and cold weather, you will surely need additionally thick patio furniture covers. These covers are very resilient to moisture since they are waterproof and are durable enough to survive cold weather conditions.

The heavier the cover is also better in situations such as these, because wind is usually common with snow and the weight keeps the covers on.

If you live in a coastal environment, then you will need this same type of cover due to the hurricanes or other water damage that could occur. On the other hand, you will need covers with a strong UV protection as well. This helps to protect the furniture from any damaging sun rays.

When there is an excessive amount of sunlight hitting the patio furniture covers colors will fade, the furniture will dry out, and breaks will happen. All types of furniture in hot climates with a lot of sun require UV protection.

Regardless of the climate in your residence you are going to want patio furniture protection that breath since they do not hold any moisture in. This helps prevent mold or mildew growing on or around the cushions and on the furniture.

You are going to want to clean up your outdoor furniture before adding furniture covers. This will help keep mold, dirt, and anything else that may become trapped in the cover, from spreading.

There are also several types of materials available for covers. The first is eco friendly. These types of covers are made from recycled materials, such as plastic water bottles. They are very durable, and cover the furniture very well. Sometimes this material is slightly more expensive than the standard version, but many consider this to be a great investment due to the durability.

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